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International Academy Of WingChun, Self-Defence has a name. I welcome you warmly and present to you the Self-Defence System WingChun. With this movement-art you improve the interplay between your strength and coordination to develop a technically functional body mechanic. With intelligence and command you can defend yourself with WingChun against physically superior aggressors.

Sifu Klaus Brand

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Grandmaster Sifu Klaus Brand

WingChun | Self-defence has a name

WingChun is a self-defence system. Contrary to expectations, the WingChun fighter actually attacks in self-defence. From early on WingChun Students learn a highly developed strategy and approach, with which they can control all conceivable attacks, and it is thus insignificant in what manner or how strongly an opponent attacks.

In my system, differences such as gender and size do not even play the slightest role. The stress, familiar to every martial arts "sportsman," which leads one to have to react to "fake" or falsely interpreted attacking movements, drops away completely.


  • I have trained in other martial arts but must say that Sifu Klaus Brand has perfected a technique which will work in real situations. Whatever your fitness levels you are able to train at your own pace with professional instructors who will enable you to go as far as you want to.
    Sue Holder

    Sue Holder

    , IAW Gravesend
  • The WingChun system run by the International Academy is very effective. After only a few weeks I have felt my confidence grow. I would recommend the IAW to anyone who wants to learn self defence, in a friendly environment.
    Steve Brown

    Steve Brown

    , IAW Bromley