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S.A.T Special Applications Training

International Academy of WingChun presents S.A.T

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What is S.A.T ?

The 'Special Applications Training Program'. The modern Self-Defence system of Sifu Klaus Brand

S.A.T refers to the ultimate applications from the complete WingChun system, as well as Close Combat and Weapon Fighting Programs. So to speak, it includes the unlimited entirety of what the International Academy of WingChun has to offer. It is imperative that everyone, even at the outset of S.A.T training, is given the opportunity to exercise a variety of applications to accelerate the acquisition of functional skills.

Adapted to our modern times, the S.A.T is a martial art which from the start trains applications from all areas of Self-Defence. Even if unarmed skills constitute the major part it is a necessity to train the proficient handling of a stick, knife, palmstick and tonfa at the beginning of the curriculum. Only in this way is it possible to practice the prevention of stabbing, slicing and striking attacks in the first training units and to understand the purpose of each weapon. The skills in dealing with these tools especially train the coordination and efficient response of the participants.

Sifu Klaus Brand has a military background as a German Army Ranger (Einzelkämpfer) and Instructor in the Army School of the German Armed Forces and 45 years of experience in the martial arts, as Grandmaster and Founder of tough and uncompromising WingChun, Close Combat and Weapon Fighting styles

With the S.A.T we start a new era of Self-Defence training at the highest level.

There are no graduations or exams in the S.A.T. We train effective applications without a specific sequence or any limitations. The program includes unarmed applications, defence and use of a stick, knife, palmstick and tonfa, as well as control and locking techniques. All these are fundamental principles of Self-Defence training and thus components of the S.A.T Program.

The basic equipment of S.A.T is • Stick (Rattan, 62cm) • Training knife • Palmstick • Tonfa • Knee, elbow and shin protection